Social Hardware

The Portfolio of Noah Shibley
Super Artilect 2016

The internet is an endless stream of new culture, art and memes, which reflect on pop culture and current events. This semi-anonymous artistic content generation represents millions of invisible hands working to tirelessly create viral mashups and cat memes like an automated run away machine process, mindlessly mixing and remixing. This project extrapolates from this concept by actually making a machine that does endlessly remix, mashup and collage contemporary internet culture feeding the results of this process back into the internet at a dizzying rate. The images that are produced by this machine are a snapshot of the current state of internet culture and world events, composed of topics and imagery dynamically spliced from the internet and recomposed into a new blending of memetic imagery.

The project was made using Opencv, C++ and Golang. Thousands more generated collage images can be found here.