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The Portfolio of Noah Shibley
Time Sensory Perception Machine 2004
by Noah Shibley & Hyunjoo Oh

The idea of the time machine has a long history going back way before the beginning of science fiction, but through science fiction. It really reached its fullest potential. The space age is an attempt at the realization of sci-fi, the optimism that the "dreams of today is the reality of tomorrow." A Utopian future, only the dreams, and none of the reality of side effects, technological failure, insufficient budgets, economic collapse, and pollution. The time machine perfectly embodies the utopian dreams. A device that is theoretically possible but physically impossible, or at least way beyond any contemporary means. On the other hand, the alteration of ones time perception is not beyond our means. Thus for our project, we are going to work more conceptually by creating a Time Sensory Perception Machine.